AI Seurat Analyst

Streamlined Single Cell Analysis.
Easy Chat Interface.
Your Seurat Workflow.

Our generative AI solution can automatically generate complete Seurat scripts for your single-cell analysis. Streamline your workflow and accelerate discovery with our AI Seurat Analyst.

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Compatible with your existing single-cell datasets
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Intuitively understands your Seurat Objects
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No data migration necessary
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Proactively proposes new analytical methods
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AWS & GCP supported

Your Seurat AI Analyst

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AI Code Autocomplete

Generate new work that automatically understands what you've been working on.

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Reduced Hullucinations

We use data techniques that reduce code hallucinations.

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Easy Data Portability

We are platform agnostic and don't require any migration.

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Automated Sync

We write all of the code to your system directly. No complex management.

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Automated Annotation

Make sense of your's and others code instantaneously.

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Secure LLM interaction

Our application will not use your data for subsequent trainings

Our Full Suite Of Tools

Our large language model offering is primed for biological research through Github & other sources.

Chat Bot

A chat bot that is designed to help bioinformaticians and researchers.

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Full workflows

Experiment Crafter

An AI tool to understand what type of analysis is possible on your samples.

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PDF to Code

A specialized tool to better understand a previously written paper.

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Pipeline Generator

A specialized tool to quickly build biology analysis pipelines.

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Agent Chats

Multi interaction chat sessions for solving more complex tasks

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On-premise & cloud compute resources

AI Lab Notebook

Our newest LIMS product for bioinformaticians.

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