Classify, Debug, and Understand Your Existing Pipelines

No Migration Needed.
Your AWS/Google Infrastructure.
Just Insights.

Our generative AI solution can automatically add metadata to your samples & pipelines, organize them into functional experiments, & suggests solutions to failed runs. Work faster with your cloud copilot.

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Automatic categorization of your samples
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Quickly QA failed pipelines
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Quickly generate new piplines based on your data
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Chat with your pipelines & samples in mind
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AWS & GCP supported

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Our Full Suite Of Tools

Our large language model offering is primed for biological research through Github & other sources.

Chat Bot

A chat bot that is designed to help bioinformaticians and researchers.

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Full workflows

Experiment Crafter

An AI tool to understand what type of analysis is possible on your samples.

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PDF to Code

A specialized tool to better understand a previously written paper.

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Pipeline Generator

A specialized tool to quickly build biology analysis pipelines.

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Real Time Code Save - Codely X Webflow Template

Agent Chats

Multi interaction chat sessions for solving more complex tasks

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On-premise & cloud compute resources

AI Lab Notebook

Our newest LIMS product for bioinformaticians.

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